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Air Seal Techniques

The 2018 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) went into effect in February 2021. With WSEC 2018, builders earn credits by upgrading a variety of components or improving the structure performance.  Applying a good air sealing solution like AeroBarrier during drywall phase guarantees builders can earn those credits.  You can learn more details about WSEC 2018 on the WSU Energy Program site. The energy efficiency credits were introduced in the 2015 WSEC for designers pursuing the prescriptive compliance path. The 2018 WSEC now requires designers to achieve a minimum of six credits—a four-credit increase from the 2015 code. The size of the structure determines minimum points required. Designers who apply a more stringent air leakage target can earn additional points and potentially reevaluate material use and equipment size requirements.

Air Sealing

For several years builders have relied on manual gasket and air seal techniques during construction to achieve improved air exchanges with varied results. As air-leakage targets reduce, the ability to guarantee consistent results can be challenging and potentially lead to costly corrections during construction. Providing guaranteed air seal solutions can allow builders to focus on the larger tasks, leaving the air sealing to us.

At NCW Air Barrier we guarantee our work. We will work with you during the design phase and early construction phase, in addition to the scheduled air seal application. If that means we need to visit the site multiple times to ensure a well thought-out air barrier is achieved, that’s what we will do. We want to be a part of the air seal solution and to provide the piece of mind that we stand behind our work. NCW Air Barrier offers a variety of services including: AeroBarrier application, Air Seal at Framing, Drywall Gasket Seals, Blower Door Testing and/or Certification and Inspection Services. We serve the greater Wenatchee area in Chelan, Douglas and Grant counties.

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